Trolls Rage

Troll mad! Troll want smash! This is a great little scrolling beat ’em up where you play as a Troll who after being mistreated by the goblins has snapped and decided to kill them all, eat them and then if you feel like it, vomit them back up again later!


GameGuide link is availabel on the Game Main Menu.
Controls are visible on the game 1st level background:
“Arrow Keys” or “WASD” to move
“Z” or “J” for heavy attack
“X” or “K” for fast attack
Press twice left or right arrow key to run
Press “Z” or “J” while running for jumping attack
Hold “Z” or “J” for powerful crushing strike
Hold “X” or “K” for powerful hurling blow
Press together “Z”+”X” or “J”+”K” to eat an enemy on the ground
“SPACEBAR” to vomit (when your stomach is sufficiently full and blinking)
“M” to turn off/on music and sound
“P” to pause
“ESC to main menu

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